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Ho man, we have got a ton to cover here this month, along with what's coming up in the future and feedback from you guys

Current events

Well congrats! The gang survived their first outing, and possibly learned why the emblems are so keen on the ritual here. Spoilers: they're dicks, but also other spoilers: there's something big and nasty down there, and nobody wants it waking up. Also lucky for the people here, the city is starting to wake up as much as it does during the early spring. Branches and foliage are starting to creep in from cracks in the walls, and some new wildlife is peeking about. Besides more birds appearing on the outside of the city walls, more small creatures are popping up inside the walls and underground to nest. Good luck keeping all those pigeons out. In addition to the normal wildlife there's been the appearance of three types of creatures that aren't generally found in nature.

The first are small wolpertinger-like things, who are quite friendly once anyone shows about .1 second of non-aggression. They'll happily come home with anyone who wants them. This could be because of the other things lurking around. Some strange wolf-colored versions of this nasty thing have realized that holy shit, there's meat around again and now wander around the various buildings. In packs. Apparently a good punch to the jaw will send them running, but being caught around a bunch of them is... not wise. There's also something that only seems to be caught out of the corner of the character's eye, and then is gone. Bits of gnarled wood peeking through the fur and tendril-like branches arching off the back of the animal. They don't seem to have any interest in the characters at the moment.

Ever since the game though, the tv's have been hissing static, but the occasional sounds come out of it now. Mostly an odd creaking and hushed voices, but once in a while music. Good news, they can be turned off now! Bad news is now the same sounds are coming out of the jukebox in the rec center. I'm sure it's fine.

Activity reward tiers

But so congrats! The month's passed and you're starting to rack up points. So what are some of the things you can get? Well a lot of the personal items come from doing quests for emblems, but there's also large-scale unlocks for the community. These fall into small, medium, and large tier rewards. The point values are yet to be assigned, but here's an example of some of what's possible:


-Favors: points can be exchanged with an emblem instead of doing a quest. This'll vary depending on what the character wants out of it.
-Unlock a floor: The character can explore/claim a single floor of a building without any monsters or other hazards
-Find an NPC: They may or may not be friendly, but at least it's a non-emblem to talk to.
-Reverse damage: While this doesn't make a space habitable, it can fix up small problems, or help keep a public space in better shape. While it might not seem like much, a bunch of people applying this can repair crucial functions to a building and restore it to service.


-Fix up a floor/room: Want to patch up the ol' domicile or make an uninhabited floor decent? There you go.
-Establish a public space: Want a shop? A bar? Want to have all of that without owing an emblem five million favors? That's what this is for.


-Unlock a building: That's right, an entire building.
-Unlock an ability: for your emblem only, but everyone gets to use it.
-Discover an NPC species: Again, even if they're not friendly, at least you'll know about them before they attack.
-create/Become an Emblem: haha what? Who said that

And we're also taking suggestions for rewards! We wanna know what you want to spend points on.

Activity and feedback

And with activity rewards comes activity itself. The current system we have works for the main person doing the counting, but it is a lot of work to link every single thread. You could not link threads once you get more than ten comments, but then you're forfeiting points, and that doesn't seem right. However his could entirely be my bias of hating to hunt down everything and could be a perfectly fine level of legwork. So we're calling this plan A.

Plan B is a little more fast and loose. It requires less of the players and hopefully about as much work for the mods. It goes that the setup for the comments is the same, but if the comments on a post are under 500 and don't spread to two pages or more, then you can just link the post and go "[link] i did X comments". Then the person doing the counting can just do the search function that's in every browser and see if the comment count matches up. However if it goes to two pages or more, or goes over 500 comments? Then yeah we're going to need full links to track everything.

We are going to implement a tag system so that people can helpfully tag/find find their own stuff closer to activity day. However we also want to hear from you, what works, what doesn't. Does this level of complexity keep you from wanting to tag outside of your starter? Do you feel as inclined to play when you have a system that's kinda crunchy? Can you think of ways for the system to be improved? We want to make something that works now and in the future, but to do it we need to hear your voice in the comments.

On that note, how are the mods doing? Last game was pretty intense and we want to check in with everybody. Was the tone too much? Okay? Go harder into traumatown? Feedback is our lifeblood on this, because monthly kill games aren't one person being the mastermind and everyone else murdernating each other, it's a collaborative effort between players and shepherd. (Right now that's mainly mods being shepherd, but we're also working on a player's guide so that y'all can start shepherding in a month or so.) But yes, we can arrange clues or reply with npcs all we want, but without you guys? We're talking to an empty room. So we want to know your thoughts about all the things.

Date: 2017-02-13 03:13 am (UTC)
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since I wasn't involved in the last month n whatnot, I'm just gonna comment on the AC styles. I, myself, prefer the plan A type, but that's because my memory sucks so I keep everything tracked in my characters' journals.

I also like number-crunchy things, so I may very well be the Odd Duck.

I would think in the future, as more people come in, plan b might be more work on the mods? But I'm not sure since I've never done helper things in larger games.

But that's my thoughts.


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