Feb. 15th, 2017

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Hi there! It's time for our first mini-event and also signups for this month's Ritual.

The timeline is short and sweet, a few days of things Getting Weird, and the event taking place in that weird space. There's going to be a new post every few days as follows:

1) Trees in bloom everywhere and people are coming down with an odd illness.

2) Dreams start to get affected and dreams play out across the TVs in the city.

3) That little illness? Worse, MUCH worse. Plus a full tunnel has opened, time to explore!

4) Everything is Wood Now And What The Fuck, Bunnies: The Musical. A.K.A. the final post before ritual time!

So what's this illness? Well, it comes in stages, and I'm gonna paste from chan but!

"the thing about the bunnies and the local flora that's been popping up is that they can cause a mild... infection. for most people it's pretty harmless as long as you're not around it too much, just leads to weird dreams and an interest in exploring the area near where all the plantlife has been growing and (spoilers), the wooden tunnel that's going to open up and lead to an interesting building. but it can get... worse for people with weaker immune systems. the idea is that much like cordiceps, the organism is first inhaled. the dust of this can be found in the fur of the rabbits or the trees coming out of the tunnel itself."

Stage 1: Similar to minor allergies.

Stage 2: There are dreams of distorted audio clues and static... Similar to what's now occasionally happening on the TV's and radios, but instead in their head when they're dreaming. Strangely, some of what the person's dreaming can leak out into the TV sets as well.

Stage 3: The allergy-like symptoms clear up and so do any preexisting conditions of the lungs. In fact, they seem better than before.

Stage 4: There is a strong desire to go through the wood tunnel and just stay on the other end. Forever. Not doing so causes the symptoms to come back in full force and the victim has a hard time breathing due to the plant blooming in the lungs and being Not Happy that it's away from what it considers home. Hacking up bits of plant can happen, limbs may feel stiff, etc.

Stage 5: For some unlucky bastards the plant inside the host will try to grow out and get what it needs the normal way (ex. sunlight and water). This isn't comfortable and is all sorts of ranges of body horror. With the current timeline it shouldn't be too bad, but an example of how far it can go are some of the shambling creatures lurking barely in sight, more tree than animal.

Anyone is free to get affected (or not affected) by this.

Also, as mentioned above, The February Ritual is coming up starting February 24th! Please sign up in the comments below before 11:59 PM on 2/21.


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