Feb. 28th, 2017

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Wow! That was a busy month! We surprised y'all with a lot going on. We introduced our first new players and characters since opening (I'm looking at you Komaeda and Harry), we had our first AC, our first event, and our second Ritual! So let's dive right into all that!

Current Events

Wow, that was a short Ritual! It was a small group so after the two kills the first night and then having two sheep up for ousting the second, it was over. Congratulations wolves!

And man those wolpertingers sure did do a number on everyone what with the plant-lung and turning into those meaner wolfy versions and the tunnels going to a brand new building (and some more tunnels leading off from there, even)! I mean, that bunny king sure isn't a problem or anything. I'm sure that'll be handled soon.

It seems like the group needs a little break from murder game, so instead we're going to have some smaller, emblem-based events coming. We still need to keep that massive being asleep, so a small sacrifice of whatever your favorite talking animals that are here to help can come up with will do the trick in lieu of the big Ritual.

Activity Check

Thank you everyone for your feedback about last month's activity check! We've streamlined it a lot to make it easier on everybody. The samples and descriptions have been updated to reflect the new style, so please double check that before posting your AC. That said, AC is due by 11:59 PM PST on March 5th, so please make sure to post all your threads from February (including any February tags from threads started in January). Remember that it is a Permanent AC page, so reply under your character's top level comment with this month's AC.


We'd love to hear how you think the game is doing! We're working hard to make Seven Hides fun for you but we know there's always room for improvement! Please give us any feedback or suggestions in this post. We have anonymous commenting enabled if it would make you feel more comfortable.


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