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Hey there players and soon to be players! This is our mod team here and we have a fair bit of news to talk about, info to dump, questions to raise, and people to welcome.

Who are the people modding this thing?

You may be wondering who's running the show, and we're glad to tell you! First is me Basil, head mod and the person who can be found generally typing frantically. The emblems I chiefly play are Zmey (the worlds worst snakebeast) and Cikavac (a shoebill of wealth and taste), but I can also cover for the others.
-Mat handles Firebird (A peacock who's pretty invested in that Knowledge and Science thing) and anything else that requires someone on the east coast instead of us California weirdos.
-Connie does bits of things with bookkeeping and dashes of code, and plays Sirin (the angry owl who curses up a storm) and Alkonost (the OTHER owl, only slightly less? Awful).
-Last but not least there is Mandy to tell me when something is on fire, and to play Simargl (eagle dadwolf who read too many survival blogs) and Gamayun (Terrible troll ravens... so just ravens, but large ones).

We also play assorted characters in the game itself, so take a check over at the taken characters page if you're interested. And while you're there and you've been accepted into the game or are claiming your place from before, just drop a bit of info into a comment and we'll add you to the list.

Timing, apps, and why the numbers are important

So we're going to be pretty blunt here, and say we've had some bumps along the way. A miscommunication meant an unfinished ad got posted to rpanons, technical issues cropped up, and a bit of emergency surgery happened. A few little bumps. This on top of 2016 being 2016 to the end means that we've all got a lot of feedback that people want to play, but are still working on apps. That's pretty legit, and with the holiday coming right up on us some people might be wiped until January, and some people might want something to distract them through the holidays.

So we're putting this to vote! Apps will be open until the day in question, and then the game opens if we have enough. Another question that's been coming up is why we have a hard limit on players before we open, and that's a good one, lemme explain:

Once a month we run a variant of mafia, and that has some hard limits on numbers. A bare minimum is nine players (six sheep, two wolves, one shepherd), while an average game would have thirteen (nine sheep, three wolves, one shepherd). At this point we have enough players claiming or apping in to run the minimum... if nearly everyone plays each month. The goal is to make a setting where nobody feels pressured to play a kill game each month, and at this point only two people could swap out if they needed to. So ideally we're looking for 3-6 players more, but we could make do with only 1-2 players more. So! Tell your friends, spread the word, and let us know in the poll what time would be the best for you to get an app in and open the game.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

When are you able to app/play?

View Answers

dec 16th
2 (22.2%)

dec 23rd
3 (33.3%)

dec 31st
5 (55.6%)

jan 6th
3 (33.3%)

THE POTENTIAL FUTURE or "what am I supposed to do here?"

But let's talk about the future, because we're really darn close to being there. So what will you guys be able to do in the game? Well, shape out a lot of how it goes.

There's going to be two ways to influence the game. One is by willing the games, both the monthly Ritual and the other, smaller games that'll come up. Who wins these and how they win will determine what memories get unlocked, and those memories give clues about what happened in the city and what people can find. On top of that if people want to explore for resources they can, and they can always quest for certain items from the emblems themselves. So while games and quests reward people on the individual level, the level of activity people have in the game can lead to community unlocks.

Each comment past the monthly ten will get you a point, and some things like shepherding a game or running events will get you more. These can be spent for things like unlocking a building without having to clear it out, getting abilities or new abilities from emblems, finding new species of npcs, or even changing some of those midbosses you find into emblems in their own right. There's a lot the players can mess with and we're all kinda giddy to see what you guys do with it.

Welcomes, further info, and stuff that's coming up!

With all that, for returning players and fresh faces alike, WELCOME! Acceptance notices should be going out now or tomorrow. As a note not all of the info was formatted for the emblems, so if people want to re-sort, you can take a look at the full info here. In addition if you want to know more about how to play Cry Wolf, we have our handy little guide here too.

And as always, we’re happy to hear your thoughts and questions about what’s going on. Feel free to give us a shout!
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