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Hello there players! This is Basil bringing news for what's coming up in the next few weeks

First off, we have a bit of a sad departure, as Mat is stepping down from their mod role, but staying on as a player. I'll be taking on Firebird and all the cheerful, awful things she does. We're sad to see them go as a mod, but Connie and Mandy are still with us, as shown by their beautiful nonstop spamming.

The Game

Next up we have the big one, our first ritual/kill game is coming up soon! Starting on the 26th and going for about 3-5ish days, your character and their dear friends will try to figure out who's a wolf, who's a sheep, and kill each other in the process! Signups are starting now (below) and going until the 22nd, so we can figure out the best time for oustings. This month Aziraphale will be shepherding, and prizes come in the form of extra points, clues about the world, and traumatic memories for no doubt years to come.

Points and Activity

So what are these points for? Well activity is ten comments a month, minimum, but anything past that gets the character points that they can spend on unlocks and building the world. The breakdown is this:
1 point for each normal comment
2 points for each comment made in a game/ritual
3 points for running a game or being a shepherd
5 points for each new post

Running games outside of the ritual will be an option once we get more players, but for now the big points are for shepherding and playing in the monthly kill games. Next month we'll talk about what those points can get you, but for now keep them in mind as we get closer to the end of the month and time for activity counts. Activity is due in by the 31st, and we'll post the activity log soon!

That being said, most of you are doing great on activity... However I just have to give a few friendly nudges to some of you. The following need to comment more before the 31st or post into the game at all.
[personal profile] scanninggaydis
[personal profile] itellyourstory
[personal profile] closetshark
[personal profile] fourthmusketeer

The good news is that the monthly game will more than put anybody over the top on activity. Comment here to sign up for the ritual!


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