Activity Check Update

Thank you all so much for hanging in there and pardoning our dust as we hammer things out around here! With feedback and going through everything the first time we've streamlined and updated AC from here on out. We've also updated the sample so it'll be easy to follow.

From now on, the AC requirements will be 10 points a month. Each comment (including all comments made in a game/ritual or as a shepherd) is now worth 1 point only. Creating a post is still worth 5 points. There is now a 5 point bonus for participating in a game/ritual that cannot be used for AC (so you'll need a minimum of 10 comments or a post and 5 comments still to pass AC).

You may link to each thread individually if you like or to each post you have comments in as long as there aren't too many comments on the post (like 500) and it's still on only one page. If the post has 500 or more comments or stretches to two or more pages, please link to the individual threads.

Thank you again for sticking with us and, as always, we are grateful for any feedback!